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5 thoughts on “Comment Policy”

  1. Victoria Cross said:

    Dear friends at the Sanger project. Just want you to know that the continued open access to these papers is vital. This week, I am going to read excerpts of “What Every Girl Should Know” accessed through this site at a Freedom to Read event in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, that is sponsored annually — nationally by PEN Canada and locally by our literary society. This year, the event will feature constitutional scholar Dick Moon speaking about Canada’s Constitutional right to Freedom of Expression, as well as local writers and activists reading from banned books. I read from Emma Goldman last year (Emma was a frequent visitor to Windsor) and this year I chose Margaret Sanger in light of the “Planned Parenthood” controversy.Thank you for your hard work,

  2. Robert Sleadd said:

    I agree that he photo’s shown, look unprofessionally photo shopped. So the connection to the Nazi party I beleive is totally untrue.
    But, the other stories about her supporting abortions for blacks, to eliminate or severely reduce black births? Is there any valitdity to her stance on abortion for minoities, to keep (so called us)

  3. This is the first time I read about Margaret Sanger. I think, I need to do more research about it.

  4. You have a typo in the article….you wrote “Birch”, and we think you meant to say “Birth”

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