At the recent annual meeting of the Association for Documentary Editing and Society for Textual Scholarship, held in Lincoln, Nebraska, Sanger Project Editor and Director Esther Katz was awarded the Lyman H. Butterfield Award, given annually by the Association since 1985 “to an individual, project, or institution for recent contributions in the areas of documentary publication, teaching, and service.”

The award was presented last month by Elaine W. Pascu, last year’s recipient, On June 19, 2015. Her comments follow:

Tonight’s recipient is a very experienced practitioner of documentary editing, with a career beginning in 1975. Ten years later, she established one of the principle projects in documenting women’s history. She collected, published, and indexed 83 reels of microfilm on her internationally prominent figure.The fourth and final volume of the selected Edition, now at the press, highlights her subject’s international presence.

She has also been a leader in digital editions taking part in the Model Editions Partnership in the 1990s. She is now at work on a Digital edition of her controversial figures speeches and articles from 1911 to 1959 that will be freely available to the public.

She is a leader in mentoring and training new professionals in the field. She has taught at the Institute for Editing Historical Documents on multiple occasions and has for many years taught a graduate course in Archival Management and Historical Editing. A recent course focused on Digital Historical Editions. The project has also offered summer internships for undergraduates.

She is a past president of ADE and has served on various committees and as a member of the ADE Council.

As acknowledged in one letter of support, few have had to face the kind of relentless attacks on their subject that she has. She had made a lasting and profound contribution “in helping to undermine historical misinformation and distortion.”  With her work, she is “setting a foundation of historical accuracy and integrity in an area beset by myth and manipulation.” “Through an avid pursuit and presentation of the documentary record from archives and private collections around the world and through impeccable scholarship she is ‘setting the record straight.’”

I am proud to announce that for enhancing historical understanding through superb editorial scholarship and for meritorious service to the Association for Documentary Editing , the recipient of this year’s Lyman H. Butterfield Award is the Editor and Director of the Margaret Sanger Papers Project, Esther Katz.

The award is granted in memory of Lyman Henry Butterfield, whose editing prestigious career included contributions to The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, the editing of the Adams Family Papers, and publishing The Letters of Benjamin Rush.