In the year 1758, King Louis XV commissioned prominent French architect Ange-Jaques Gabriel to build two palaces in France, designed for government use.  Just off the Champs Elysees in Paris, these identical buildings stand tall today, one as a French Naval base and the other as the world-famous Hotel de Crillon.  Less than two centuries after its conception, Margaret Sanger laid her head here on two separate occasions.

The Hotel de Crillon

Sanger’s first stay at the hotel occurred between July 16 through July 21, 1927.  She wrote to Edith How-Martyn on the hotel’s stationary saying, “Mrs. Hodson and I have had a good day together but I miss you terribly.”  Sanger had come to Europe to complete the last minute details and attend the World Population Conference, that would be held in Geneva at the end of August.  This conference was one of the earliest to deal with the population question internationally.

Thirty years later, Sanger returned from October 22 through October 24, 1957.  She was on her way to Berlin, this time, to attend the Governing Body meeting of the International Planned Parenthood Federation.  Sanger was president of the IPPF from its founding in 1952 until 1959, when she retired from active work.

Sanger is in good company as a guest of The Hotel de Crillon.  Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie and King George of Britain all spent the night at the luxury hotel, and years later Elizabeth Taylor and Cary Grant visited multiple times.  More recently, celebrities such as Madonna and Mariah Carey have been listed as visitors.  When Lance Armstrong spent the night after his Tour de France victory, they flew the Texas State Flag.

The Hotel de Crillon has a royal history that remained relevant during Sanger’s visits and still remains relevant today.

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