Top: Top: An image of the letter from Margaret Sanger (though this is clearly not her signature) that accompanied the Birth Control Review.
Bottom: The February 1923 issue of the Birth Control Review.

Margaret Sanger made another appearance on the most recent episode   of HBO’s series, “Boardwalk Empire,” which aired on October 21, when the character of “Margaret Schroeder Thompson” (played by Kelly MacDonald received a copy of the February 1923 issue of the Birth Control Review, accompanied by a letter from Sanger. The “Schroeder” character had recently opened a women’s clinic in Atlantic City which offered instruction in hygiene and reproduction, though because it was sponsored by a Catholic hospital, contraception could not be discussed.

In Season 1, the character had obtained a copy of Sanger’ pamphlet, Family Limitation, for her own use. Kudos to the producers/writers of the series for their portraying an historically accurate version of  the state of the birth control movement  in  the early 1920s