A recent report from the Huffington Post, “National Women’s History Museum Placates Conservatives To Get Bill Passed In Congress,” notes that to get a bill passed to fund the museum, several conservatives were added to the Board. Among the things conservatives wanted to “revisit” was an online biography of Margaret Sanger. The goal was to remove “subjective” details. We looked at the biography, and while we could find nothing that seemed to have been changed, the biography does seem to omit an explanation for why Sanger believed birth control was so important, or how hard she had to fight to make it respectable, efficient and safe. It also omits any mention of Sanger’s socialist, anarchist and feminist roots or beliefs. We too believe in airing both sides, but to mute Sanger’s message and bury it in a host of other “progressive reforms,” while highlighting “Profiles in Motherhood,” is as fair and balanced as Fox News. This is just another sad example of Progressive Americans being forced to capitulate to the blackmail of conservative control of Congressional control of the nation’s purse strings.