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Margaret Sanger will be featured as a part of the upcoming Opening The Way: A Women’s History Walk in New York City. The walk will be lead by  former New York Times editor and reporter, Betsy Wade, and James Boylan, a historian of the Progressive era and founder of the Columbia Journalism Review. Sanger’s landmark is the first stop on the tour.

The Sanger portion of the tour will  focus on her federal case for publishing The Woman Rebel in 1914, on charges of mailing indecent material. The tour will also touch on the family planning clinics she opened around the city in order to emphasize the role that Sanger played in the struggle for women to gain control over their own bodies.

Sanger is listed on their website as one of the “seven [women] who invested in better futures.” Sanger is specifically dubbed “healer of women’s bodies” by the organizers of this tour.

Here’s a bit more of what they have to say about her:

“The sixth child of eleven who survived, Sanger watched her mother die of exhaustion, tuberculosis and cervical cancer. As a nurse on the Lower East Side, Sanger met women who were suicidal, so desperate were they to stop childbearing. In March 1914, she launched into the U.S. mails her publication, the Woman Rebel, pledging to give birth-control information. She was arraigned in the federal court at this site for mailing “such a vile, obscene, filthy, and indecent” publication in violation of the Postal Code covering contraceptive information and a fistful of other transgressions.”

“Sanger’s work revolutionized the lives of American families.”

For maps of the walking route click here. The RSVP  for the October 23rd tour check out their official website!

The tour will stop to discuss Margaret Sanger at the southern point of City Hall Park. This spot was chosen because there is a plaque there to commemorate the former site of the Post Office and Federal Building, the location of Sanger’s first trial as well as the place where she sent out the first issue of  The Woman Rebel.